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Welcome to my site


I am a Windows application developer, specialising in,, SQL Server and I am also a former technical editor and journalist. I have worked with Microsoft technologies since 1990 and am familiar with the full cycle of the development process, including architecture, testing, consultancy and customer support.

Jon is a top notch IT consultant who I have used over many years. He is a Microsoft expert who I can't recommend highly enough.

Mark Sewell

Chair and founder at Curo Services, The Microsoft Experts

My services

  • C# and app development

  • XAML-based form design (WPF, WinUI)

  • REST API construction

  • Windows services

  • SQL Server admin, design and development

  • Azure mgt and consultancy

  • System architecture

  • Testing

  • Code review

  • Fault finding

  • Legacy system migration

  • Website dev ( and Wix)

  • Explainer videos and Pinnacle Studio editing

  • Hardware engineering and network mgt

Available for bespoke development & consultancy work

Introduction video

September 2023: My website is under construction so the video below is just a place holder (but it's still got me in!)

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